Encountering Our Indelible Mark, International Exhibition as Part of IMPACT10: Encuentro Conference

I was a participant and collaborator on Encountering Our Indelible Mark, an exhibition Blake Sanders organized featuring about a dozen artists from around the world, was a part of the IMPACT10: Encuentro conference in Santander, Spain. The show highlights the unintended consequences of human behavior and activities, particularly on the environment.

The exhibition roster includes Charles Beneke Emmy Lingscheit Sean Caulfield Ericka Walker Todd Anderson Nicole Pietrantoni as well as Melanie Yazzie, Nancy Campbell, Sercan Sahin, Patricia Delgado, Michael Reed, and Hannah March Sanders. My work for the show was a mixed media fibers and printmaking piece called Letdown.

For more information about the IMPACT conference please visit: https://www.impact10.es/