This comic was created for a newspaper-style publication entitled Amplifier! curated and edited by Andrew Kozlowski, http://www.andrewkozlowski.com/, Assistant Professor at the University of North Florida. The publication was funded by a research grant from the University. The paper is an edition of 300 and was printed by http://printnewspaper.com/ in Paris, France and distributed across the globe.

The theme of the collaboration is “Multi-tasker”, inspired by a 3-in-1 breakfast maker owned by one of Kozlowski’s students. According to Kozlowski, “…I’ve been thinking about the idea of the “Multi-tasker”.  In one of my classes a student had a 3 in 1 breakfast maker, and we had a discussion about those kinds of appliances.  They seem appealing, able to juggle multiple jobs at once, until one part inevitably fails.  We’ve all been multitasking like never before in the past year.

“So my question is: what have you been juggling?  What have you dropped?  What has burned out in your multi-tasker appliance?  Alternatively how have you rejected this idea?  Perhaps you see your contribution as an antidote to this: a place to get away, a place of peace, mindfulness, meditation.”


Kozlowski went on to say that, “This past year has been a time for me to refocus my creative research.  Having been making and exhibiting work for over a decade I’ve been looking at ways that I can use my place to create opportunities for others.  With the COVID-19 pandemic shuttering opportunities for artists I’ve worked on creating projects to support new opportunities.  Alongside this, I’ve been thinking of the role that publishing can take in sharing and making connections.  This newspaper project is a test of an idea to expand further into working as a publisher/editor/curator.  I’ve called this project ‘Amplifier!’, as one of my goals is to help create opportunities for artists and amplify their work through publishing and alternative exhibition ventures.”


Ink on Tracing Paper, Scanned and Digitally Edited
Broadsheet: 332 x 475mm / 13.07 x 18.70 inches