This is a large coptic bound book¬† made from my color proofs and misprints from the last decade. I always saved them thinking, “I’ll make books out of these one day.” The day came, and I decided to make one giant book from all of them (plus a few select giveaway and found prints from the studio). I bound this book by hand coptic style over the course of a week, complete with covers made from my woodcut prints on fabric.

I began using this tome as my sketchbook in June 2019, and I completed the book in June 2020.




Process and Detail Images


Coptic-bound hardcover book comprised of repurposed hand-pulled prints (woodcut, linocut, screenprint, lithograph), graphite, watercolor, pen, colored pencil, collage, and mixed media.
11" x 8" x 4.5"
June 2019-June 2020