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Description: The portfolio draws its title from Bryan Baker’s experiments in Line Throwing. Baker asked gallery viewers to attempt, as he did, to throw an ordinary pencil such that it would hit the wall and complete a full drawing before falling to the ground. The resulting marks inevitably fell short of Baker’s vision, but the practice of Line Throwing suggests a new appreciation for making marks and highlights the challenges faced in creating prints.

To that end, if the print is the terminus of a printmaker’s practice, this portfolio is interested in the journey. How do you get the image to the plate, the block, or stone? How is your multiple constructed and crafted? We seek to celebrate prints that embrace and highlight the tension between the hand-wrought and the mechanical, the artisanal and the digital, the historic technique and the innovative hybrid. Modern technology can mask the hand and the do-it-yourself sensibility that, for many years characterized the fine art print. The artists/printmakers included in “Throwing Lines” will seek to honor the hand and to challenge existing technologies, to celebrate the mark and its possibilities.

Size of prints: 15 in. x 22 in.

Artists: Veronica Ceci, John Driesbach, Lise Drost, Beth Grabowski, Karla Hackenmiller, Berel Lutsky, Sue Medaris, Guen Montgomery, Tatiana Potts, Roselyn Richards, Katie Ries, Ben Rinehart, Hannah Sanders, Mike Sonnichsen, Kelsey Stephenson, Freda Sue, Jason Terry, Melissa Wagner-Lawler, Eileen Wallace

Screenprint on upcycled fabrics with appliqué and machine embroidery
22" x 15"

Creating for the "Throwing Lines," Juried Portfolio Exchange and Exhibition as a part of the 2017 Southern Graphics Council International Conference in Atlanta, Georgia.

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