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  1. Blake Sanders, Tulane University, Steel Trap Press
  2. Teresa Cole, Tulane University, Hoop Skirt Press
  3. Meghan O’Connor
  4. Kathryn Polk, Print/Mixed-Media artist Extraordinaire!
  5. BlackDog Press, Nicole Hand & Jim Bryant, Murray State University
  6. Laura Doughtie
  7. Jodi Green
  8. Rodolfo Salgado, Jr., University of Iowa
  9. Brad Wreyford, Louisiana State University
  10. May Babcock
  11. Linda Lucia Santana, University of North Texas
  12. Leslie Koptcho, Louisiana State University
  13. Kimberly Arp, Louisiana State University
  14. Marais Press, Brian Kelly, University of Louisiana at Lafayette
  15. David DuBose, University of Louisiana at Lafayette
  16. Jenni Freidman, Stone Dragon Press
  17. Tugboat Printshop
  18. Evil Prints, Tom Huck
  19. Dennis McNett, Wolf Bat
  20. Slop Art
  21. Ann Flowers, A Beautiful Party
  22. Rachel Madeline, Loose Tooth Studio
  23. Green Pea Press, Printmakers Collective
  24. Andrew Kosten
  25. Midwest Pressed, Tim Dooley & Aaron Wilson
  26. Aaron Wilson, Midwest Pressed, University of Northern Iowa
  27. Tim Dooley, Midwest Pressed, University of Northern Iowa
  28. Jon Swindler, University of Georgia
  29. Emmy Lingscheit
  30. Carrie Lingscheit
  31. Danielle Wyckoff
  32. Brian Hitselberger, Athens, GA
  33. Matthew Egan, East Carolina University
  34. Adam Larsen, Cricket Man Press. Snow College, Ephraim, UT
  35. Dusty Herbig
  36. Melissa Harshman, University of Georgia
  37. Katrina Andry, New Orleans, LA
  38. Chris Millette
  39. Frogman’s Press, Gallery & Workshops, University of South Dakota
  40. Karla Hackenmiller
  41. Art Werger, Intaglio & Mezzotints
  42. Every Day Matters, Danny Gregory
  43. James Jean
  44. Dirty Printmakers of America
  45. International Print Center: New York
  46. The Print Center: Philadelphia
  47. College Art Association
  48. Southern Graphics Council Conference International
  49. Mid American Print Council
  50. American Print Alliance
  51. Los Angeles Printmaking Society
  52. Boston Printmakers
  53. Vivian Maier, Her Discovered Works
  54. Sagaki Keita
  55. Expanded Drought, A Galway City Based Artist Collective
  56. Amy Stevens, Cake Art
  57. Cayce Zavaglia, Thread Paintings
  58. St. Claude Area Arts District, New Orleans, LA
  59. Catherine Reinhart, Printmaking & Fiber Arts
  60. Kyle Bauer, Baltimore, MD
  61. Substratum: An Investigation into Green Printmaking.
  62. Expanded Draught: An artist collective I’m part of, based in Galway, Ireland.


  1. Logan’s Rundown, Logan Butcher: “I drink, I eat, I cook things…”
  2. Erasing, Scott David Herman, An American in Canada: Observations on books, internet, & domesticity.
  3. Jodi Green, A Canadian in Canada: Printmaking, Music, Food, Knitting & More.
  4. A Beautiful Party, Ann Flowers: Artist Interviews, Bunny Rabbit & Vintage.
  5. Letters of Note: an attempt to gather and sort fascinating letters, postcards, telegrams, faxes, and memos.
    Be sure to check out such gems as this letter from a 23 year old Eudora Welty to The New Yorker
  6. Sunday Morning Comics: A Small-Run Pulication for Contemporary Comic Artists.
  7. Dooce: Kids, dogs and other humerous family narratives.
  8. BangBack, Image, Print, Type & More.
  9. Printeresting, Interesting Happenings in Print.
  10. Newspaper Blackout: Newspaper + Marker = Poetry.
  11. Biblio Odyessey: Beautiful images scanned high res from old books.
  12. 69 Love Songs, Illustrated.
  13. Not Cot: Ideas, Aesthetics & Amusement.
  14. Design Sponge: DIY Design and great Before/After Photos Blog.
  15. Felt & Wire: Design, Paper & Print
  16. Not Paper: Showcases the Work of International College Artists.
  17. Brown Paper Bag: Works on Paper & Beyond!
  18. Creative and Live: Design, Illustration, Photography & Advertising.
  19. Yelena Bryksenkova: Illustration, Travel & Sketchbook.
  20. The Book of Barely Imagined Beings: An Anthropocene Bestiary.
  21. Share Some Candy: Architecture, Art, Design, Furniture, Graffiti, Handmade, Illustration, Logos, Objects, Packaging, Photography, Sculpture, Typography & Video.
  22. The Adventures of Cassie: Art, Etc.
  23. Kate Pruitt: Art, Design & DIY.
  24. Distorte: Distorte.com is a website that runs on the Internet. It is powered by electricity and telephones.
  25. Extreme Craft: Garth Johnson.
  26. COLOSSAL: Art & Design Blog.
  27. Pen and Ink: Tattoos and the Stories Behind Them.


  1. The Public Domain Review: A Project of the Open Knowledge Foundation. “The Public Domain Review is a not-for-profit project dedicated to showcasing the most interesting and unusual out-of-copyright works available online.”
  2. William Kentridge: Anything is Possible
  3. THE PARIS REVIEW, Art Spiegelman on the Woodcuts of Lynd Ward
  4. THE CREATIVE REVIEW,Soldiers by Suzanne Opton
  5. Creative Lab @ GOOGLE : The World is Full of Interesting Things
  6. PRUNED, The Earth Scything its Way Across the Persian Landscape
  7. Notes on Writing and Drawing: HOW TO STEAL LIKE AN ARTIST, Austin Kleon
  8. THE ONION, Piece of Artwork on Coffee House Wall Has Had It Up to Here With the Wiseass Remarks
  9. BANGBACK, The Making of Tree of Codes by Jonathan Safran Foer
  10. COLOSSAL, Article About Japanese Artist Sagaki Keita’s Beautiful Pen & Ink Drawings
  11. NPR Monkey See, ‘The Arctic Marauder’: A Mystery Wrapped In An Enigma Wrapped In ICY DEATH, Glen Weldon
  12. Photographer Jack Radcliffe, Alison: a series of photographs of his daughter Alison from birth to adulthood.
  13. The Zeitoun Foundation, “Created in 2009 to aid in the rebuilding and ongoing health of the city of New Orleans, and to help ensure the human rights of all Americans.”